The Wallbach metering station is located after the border to Germany in the Rhine. In this station the quantity and quality of the gas coming from Germany to Switzerland is determined.


The Ruswil compressor station is the operations centre of the transport system in Switzerland. From here the required transport pressure is maintained, as well as the entire gas pipeline monitored and controlled.


The section south of Ruswil crosses the Alps, i.e. among others, the three mountain ranges of the Brienz Rothorn Massive, Grimsel Massive and Grieshorn had to be overcome.


There is a heat exchanger installed in the exhaust pipes of two turbines via which hot water for own use, as well as third-party use, is able to be drawn off.

The Pipeline system

The current pipeline system consists of 131.7 km of 48”* pipeline and 160.7 km of 36” pipeline with a pipe wall thickness of 11.9 to 35.3 mm.

It crosses the Swiss Plateau and the Alps from north to south with connection to the French natural gas grid in the west.
The two parallel pipelines from Germany cross under the Rhine and terminate in
the pig reception station of the Wallbach metering station.

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Gebäude Station Ruswil

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Brief History

The transport system between
Wallbach and Däniken

Parallelleitung (Loop)

To provide for the growing demand for natural gas in Switzerland, the transport system between Wallbach and Däniken was expanded in 1994 by a 33 km long 36”* parallel pipeline (loop). Commissioning of this new section was made in the autumn of the same year.




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