Pursuant to local statutory requirements of the canton of Lucerne, there is a mandatory duty to utilize waste heat. After running several feasibility studies the following plants were realized:

  • There is a heat exchanger installed in the exhaust pipes of two turbines via which hot water for own use, as well as third-party use, is able to be drawn off.
  • A deflection plate is installed in the exhaust pipes of the other two turbines, which allows the exhaust gases to be diverted to a waste heat boiler. This is designed as a once-through forced flow boiler and produces high-pressure steam to drive a steam turbine with power generator or low-pressure steam for producing hot water for internal and external consumption. In 2011, 12.58 GWh (2010: 10.68 GWh) of electricity were produced.

Both plants are installed in the immediate vicinity of the respective gas turbines, but are completely independent of the gas transport plant.

Surplus hot water is supplied where possible to external consumers free of charge. Currently it is being utilized in a hothouse for tropical fruits and in the Wolhusen hospital.