The gas turbines used in the Ruswil compressor station are cutting-edge design with optimal emission and consumption figures, in order to protect the environment.

In addition to compliance with the provisions of the Clean Air Act, Transitgas AG endeavored to keep all other emissions as low as possible. Therefore, in the event of decompression in the Ruswil compressor station, quantities of natural gas released are not blown into the atmosphere, but automatically diverted into an intermediate storage facility, subsequently returned into the pipeline and thus recovered.

Through the operation of waste heat recovery plants in the Ruswil compressor station, Transitgas AG makes an important contribution to the issue of energy efficiency. The plants, which are unique in Switzerland, produced 12.58 GWh of electrical energy in 2011 (2010: 10.68 GWh), which was fed into the grid of the local electricity supplier. In addition to producing electricity, the waste heat recovery plants also produce hot water for own use in the station, for a greenhouse and the Wolhusen hospital. In this greenhouse, operated by a third party, tropical fruits flourish and have an eco-balance which is two to three times better than that of imported fruit.